Our Framework

EduDream combines Culturally Responsive and Equitable Evaluation (CREE) principles and rigorous research methods to produce insights that catalyze impactful action.

Our Process

EduDream approaches every partnership in a collaborative manner and embeds CREE principles across our work.

Our Work

High-quality, rigorous, and accessible work that will empower and motivate you to make decisions grounded in equity and evidence-based practices.

Our Services

Collaborative research that elevates the voices of racially and economically diverse students, families, and communities.

The Hub

A multi-year, actionable research initiative generating evidence to advance policy dialogue on K12 education.

EduDream - About Us

About Us

EduDream is a Latina-founded, women-owned, and equity-focused research consulting firm that partners with nonprofits, foundations, and education institutions to provide culturally responsive and community-centered research and strategy. Led by a team of experts, EduDream redefines what’s possible for education research.

Our Process

We leverage research as a tool in service of equity

Collaborative partnership

EduDream approaches every partnership in a collaborative manner and embeds culturally responsive and equitable evaluation (CREE) principles across our work. We value diversity in informing our views and work and believe cultural responsiveness begins with awareness of our own attitudes, biases, and beliefs. Our core values anchor our work and guide our decision-making.

At EduDream, we prioritize building relationships to ensure successful collaborations yield results and impact. Each engagement begins with a structured client onboarding experience that leads to a seamless kick-off, robust project management, consistent communication, and feedback loops to deliver high-quality deliverables and results.

Three people at the table engaging in discussion.
EduDream - Discovery and Planning Process

Phase 1

Discovery and planning

At EduDream, all projects begin with a discovery and planning phase. Our approach is rooted in building authentic relationships with our clients and their communities, focusing on cultivating trust and true partnership. We seek to understand the client’s vision, goals, and approach to research and evaluation.

Phase 2

Research design

Clients engage with EduDream through a collaborative design process that yields a co-created research design and plan. The final research plan includes key research questions, appropriate methodological approaches, and a robust data collection plan.

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Phase 3

Research preparation and implementation

EduDream collaborates with partners to develop and refine data collection tools to ensure they are culturally sensitive, relevant, and appropriate. Our team implements data collection plans by collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing data (e.g., administering surveys, hosting focus groups, or developing qualitative and quantitative databases). To support continuous improvement, we establish feedback loops to share emerging learnings throughout research implementation.

Phase 4

Reporting and communicating research findings

Client feedback informs the deliverable creation process, culminating in a final presentation of the research findings. EduDream then employs audience-specific communication strategies to disseminate findings to the client and key stakeholders. To formally close out the project, our team hosts a close-out meeting with the client to reflect and gather feedback.